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Cheap Chemicals lead to expensive messes!

Updated: May 6

wasting money on cheap chemicals.
Life Lesson No. 1: Don't Waste Money

Quite possibly the worst mistake a pool owner can make is to buy shock and algaecides from a department store. There's a reason they are cheap - they're watered down versions of the good chemicals! Bottom Line is: Cheap Chemicals lead to expensive messes!

Most people think pool chemicals are the same - shock is shock, algaecide is algaecide. Nothing is farther from the truth. Big department stores refuse to pay hazmat fees for good chemicals, so they order cheaper, watered down versions of these chemicals to avoid paying those fees. Then they sell them to you for a "discount", making you think you got a good deal. What you really got was about 50% as effective as a chemical you would get at your local pool store. Pool stores go through suppliers that deal with stronger versions of chemicals.

These chemicals are designed to work better and harder at keeping a healthy pool. Shocks and algaecides come in different strengths, and department stores only offer the cheapest, most ineffective versions of these chemicals. What that means is you'll need to use 2 bags of their shock compared to 1 from a pool store. 2 gallons of their liquid chlorine to 1 gallon from a pool store. 2 to 3 bottles of their algaecide compared to 1 bottle from a pool store.

When you learn what to look for in a pool chemical, you'll find that you get what you pay for. Why spend alot of money having a pool put in just to put junk chemicals in it? That only leads to problems. Educate yourself on what to use - you will be amazed at the benefits having good quality chemicals will do that your local pool store provides, along with the knowledge of helping you maintain a crystal clear pool year-round

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