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Metals in your Pool

Updated: May 6

pool water metal problems
Metals in Pool

Metals in a pool can be a nuisance. They are to blame for many stains and brown or green discoloration in the water when no algae is present. Many times, pool owners overlook checking the pool readings for metals, as most home test kits and strips do not check for them. However, getting a sample in to a pool store can save you alot of aggravation and money on down the road.

The metals you want to check for are copper and iron. Copper can be found in certain algaecides and in well water. This metal, when enough is present, can turn your pool a minty green. Copper is a very good algae killer, but too much in your pool can also turn blonde hair green and lead to discoloration of your gunite if you have a gunite pool. Keeping your copper reading below .3ppm is ideal.

Iron is another metal that can lead to major pool problems. It can discolor liners, gunite, and other surfaces a disgusting brown color. The reason for this is the chlorine reacting with the iron, oxidizing and making that brown, muddy look in the pool.

There are 3 types of metal treatment we carry:

2) Metal Removers

stain and scale
Mineral Stain Out Stain & Scale Preventer

Stain and Scale Preventer products keep any metals that are - or may be - in the water from attaching to pool surfaces, which causes ugly staining. They are also a MUST when having a salt pool. They keep corrosion down and drastically lengthen the life of your salt cell. You should use this product once a month in your pool. You will find this product on our online store under Mineral Stain Out to prevent discoloration, staining, and buildup in your pool.

Metal Remover for pool
Metal Gone Metal Remover

Metal Gone is a chemical that can also be used as a preventative maintenance chemical, but is very good at removing metals that are already in your pool. By adding this product, it allows your sand or cartridge to trap these chemicals so you can remove them by simply back washing the filter or cleaning the cartridge 2 hours after adding the chemical.

Stain Remover
Super Stain Magnet

Super Stain Magnet removes metal stains already in the pool. It comes in a powder that you can sprinkle on the stained area to remove the stain. It works fantastic for iron stains and many other stains. (They'll disappear before your eyes, its insane.)

Having your pool checked for metals is something that shouldn't be overlooked. Bring a sample into the store or add it to cart on our online store to have a computerized test done at your pool upon delivery!

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